I'm Isabella.

20; single.

"The only person you should try
to better than, is the person you
were yesterday."
Love the life you live.
Your story, all those pages before me, I want to read every word. I want my eyes to undress every letter. I want to hold you like a book and smell the pages, and I would know you’re the real thing. You shared your secrets with me and I will share the stars with you. When we’re floating in space, I’ll tell you about infinity and maybe, I can tell you a story about me.
- Michael Daaboul (via michaeldaaboul)
3 days ago


I’m the type of person who waits on YOU to make the first move. I’m not going to put myself out there anymore. Every time I have, it has done no good whatsoever. I’m also the type of person who could care less about being in a relationship. I’m content with being by myself. Then again, I wouldn’t…

3 days ago
i hope you fall in love with someone who makes you question why you ever thought you would be better off alone
- unknown (via kushandwizdom)
3 days ago
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